Living Green and Toxic Free

Each and every day we all apply and absorb approximately 120-200 toxic chemicals before 9 a.m., just by taking a shower. Companies are legally allowed to use cheap toxic ingredients in personal care products to boost their profits, even though many ingredients are known neurotoxins & carcinogens.  One VERY common ingredient is a solvent used as a degreaser in factories and is found in 1000’s of products!

The importance of educating our communities on the importance of using 100% certified organic, Toxic Free™, & wild crafted ingredients is paramount. Apple a Day is making products available online, to enable you to begin your journey of green organic living. We promote the importance of using 100% certified, raw, organic, wild crafted, non-GMO, and toxic free.

These products are available here at retail prices  but we have a way for you to buy wholesale for a one time fee. If you are interested in buying wholesale and building a residual income gogreen we can help you do that too. The world is only going green once, the demand is high, and we welcome positive partners. so can you answer yes to the following questions, if so then join us in “going green

  • Is it time to be in control & own your own business, one that makes a difference?
  • A high-demand, e-commerce business you can work part-time from home?
  • A business with subscription-based customers that pays you every week?
  • A business you can will or sell at any time?

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