Changes Are Taking Place


We have all heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“. I can also remember my Granny (who passed away at 95) saying, “When you get to old to learn it is time to die.” So with that thought in mind I think it is time to change the concept of the Apple a Day Shop.

As a naturalist at heart I believe that our body and our being work together. If our body, our soul, and our minds are in proper balance we remain happy and healthy. So the Apple a Day is going to become a website of information about things of interest to many. Information that will educate or inform you of things that just may spark an interest in makingĀ  changes in your everyday life. It will be a place for opportunity and value and we just may have a chuckle or two.

We will supply you with links for quality products and lots of choices. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit there will be links for opportunities andĀ  tools to grow and market your business.

So take the time to look around and let’s fun while learning and growing together!


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